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The Future of Storing Bits
Nanotechnology's Impact on Digital Memory

Date: Thursday, February 26th, 2004
Location: SRI International in Menlo Park

The semiconductor memory market is approximately $30B today. Nanotechnology promises to impact this business significantly over the coming decade. Many companies are perusing technologies that have the potential to unify some of the best attributes of DRAM, SRAM, and Flash.

We have assembled a panel with representatives from: the world's leading Flash company that is also a very aggressive investor in new memory technologies and startups, another Fortune 500 company that has a large nano-electronics group, and finally, the most prominent, and still independent, nano-memory startup company. Please join us to hear these industry thought leaders present the future of storing bits and explain how nanotechnology will define the next generation of digital memory technologies.

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Event Brochure
Anthony Waitz' Presentation
Dr. Stefan K. Lai
's Presentation


Dr. Stefan K. Lai: Vice President, Technology and Manufacturing Group Director, California Technology and Manufacturing, Intel Corporation
Dr. Shih-Yuan (SY) Wang:
Senior staff scientist, Quantum Science Research, Hewlett-Packard
Dr. Randolph H. Levine: President and CEO ZettaCore, Inc.

Moderator/Event Chair

Anthony Waitz: Managing Partner, Quantum Insight


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